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The Certification for Healthcare Professional transitioning into Case Management, Utilization Review, Discharge Planning and Disease Management

QPCM Certification - How it Works

QPCM Certification Overview
Due to the ever growing need for Nurse Case Managers and the retirement of many experienced Case Management professionals, the QPCM certification has been developed to solve both problems by identifying RNs who have completed a recognized Certificate program in case management and who have passed the rigorous QPCM certification examination.

Additionally, the QPCM.org website offers extensive guidance, resources and information to those who wish to transition their career from clinical nursing to nursing case management.

What is the Application and Examination Fee?
The costs associated with this certification include:
  • Application and Examination fee $350.00 USD

The $350.00 fee is paid when the applicant has completed entering all required information and submits their application for verification and qualification.

The verification process includes validation of Nursing license in good standing, verification of job history and confirmation of Certificate program in Case Management.

If it is determined that the applicant does not qualify to take the QPCM examination, a $100.00 refund will be applied to the applicant's account.

The Examination portion of the fee includes:
  • Scheduling of your exam
  • Location for taking the exam
  • Technological requirements for taking the exam
  • Grading and dissemination of the test results (Pass or Fail)
  • Additional provisions for providing a safe and comfortable environment in which to take the exam

What is an entry level case manager?
An entry level case manager needs to:
  • Understand the importance and relevance of the core competencies required of a case manager
  • Recognize that the first step towards a new career in case management requires the expansion of their knowledge of case management fundamentals
  • Complete a Certificate (or Masters/MSN) program in Case Management in order to educate themselves self sufficiently for an entry level position

Entry level case managers have made a commitment to learn and practice their new skill and their goal is to perform as a case manager reliably at will.

What is a certified entry level case manager?
A certified entry level case manager recognizes the intrinsic value of a professional certification in the pursuit of a new career in case management.

QPCM certified entry level case managers are not only aware of the need to learn the new skills and competencies required of RN case managers, they have also completed extensive education in case management and passed a nationally recognized certification examination.

The QPCM certification designates that the certificant has attained the requisite level of knowledge, skill and competency necessary for an entry level position in case management.

Steps to Certification
  • Eligibility Qualifications
  • Application Process
  • Verification Process
  • Examination Process
  • Certification Process

Eligibility Qualifications
Candidates must meet ALL of the following qualifications to be eligible to take the QPCM certification exam.
  • RN License Requirement: Candidates must be a registered nurse (RNs) with a verifiable unrestricted license within the United States or one of its territories. The license cannot reflect any disciplinary action during the previous 5 years.

  • Job History Requirement: Applicants must have worked full time as a clinical nurse for at least 3 of the last 5 years.

  • Post-Grad Coursework in Case Management: All applicants must have completed a minimum of 28 CEUS of Case Management Education* and have a certificate of completion that is presented at the time of the application. *Masters level coursework in Case Management may be substituted for a Certificate Program in Case Management.

    Pre-Approved Certificate Programs:

    CLICK HERE for detailed info on approved programs.

    1. AAACEUS.com
      Certificate of Achievement in Case Management Essentials
      Link to School

    2. American Sentinel
      RN to MS in Case Management
      Link to School

    3. Prime Education Inc
      The Essentials of Case Management
      Link to School

    4. University of California - Riverside
      Professional Certificate in Medical Case Management
      Link to School

    5. University of California - San Diego
      Case Management Intensive
      Link to School

    6. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Nursing
      Professional Case Management for Nurses and Social Workers
      Link to School

    7. University of Southern Indiana
      Case Management Continuing Education Certificate
      Link to School

    8. University of Southern Maine
      Certificate Program in Case Management
      Link to School

  • Affidavit of Moral Character Questionnaire must be completed and attestation of truth statement affirmed.

Application Process

Exam Application and Registration Fee $350.00 USD Candidates are eligible to sit for QPCM exam after application approval

Payment will be required following the completion of the online application. The $350.00 USD exam application and registration fee can be paid online via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or by mail via money order, cashier’s check or personal check made payable to QPCM.org LLC

To receive the QPCM designation, candidates must first complete the Application Process. It is the responsibility of the candidate to meet all scheduled deadlines associated with the program.

If you have determined that you qualify to take the QPCM certification exam, applicants must complete the following four sections. Note: as you complete each of the application sections your account will be updated to reflect your progress and status.

  1. Personal Information
    In this section of the application, the applicant must enter the following information:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Password (for access to Application account)
    • Nursing license number
    • State of RN license

  2. Job History Information
    The information entered in this section must confirm that you have worked as a clinical nurse for a minimum of three years within the past five calendar years.

    Acceptable employment history must reflect full time employment as a fully functioning clinical nurse in one of the following:
    • Acute care facility
    • Rehabilitation facility
    • Sub-acute care facility
    • Home care agency
    • Appropriate community-based facility providing healthcare services

    Prior to completing the online form, we recommend the following:
    • Compile ALL necessary data before beginning the online entry of your job history
    • Contact each supervisor(s) and advise them that they will receive an employment verification form from QPCM.org to confirm your employment
    • IMPORTANT: Make sure that all the job and contact information is current and correct. Several attempts will be made to contact your supervisor(s) to verify your job history. However, if we are unable to verify your work history, you will not be eligible to take the QPCM exam. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

    The following information is required for each job submitted:
    • Employer Name
    • Job Title
    • Start Date
    • End Date (or Currently Working)
    • Job Address
    • Job City
    • Job State/Province
    • Job Zip/Postal
    • Supervisor’s Name
    • Supervisor’s Title
    • Supervisor’s Contact Phone
    • Supervisor’s Contact Email
    • Reason For Leaving

  3. Certificate or Masters program in Case Management
    Each applicant is required to complete a pre-approved Certificate of Achievement in Case Management.

    CLICK HERE for detailed info on approved programs.

  4. Questionnaire of Moral Character
    Each applicant is required to complete a questionnaire relating to their professional and ethical behavior and criminal background as well as the veracity of all information included in their application.

    Candidates are also required to attest to the accuracy of each question answered.

Completion of Application
As each section of your application is completed, a check mark will be displayed on your Account page.

When ALL sections of the application have been completed and submitted, your Account page will look as follows:

  Application Step Edit Data Verification
Personal Information
(includes RN license and state BON)
Completed Personal Information Edit Need to Enter Personal Information
Work History Completed Work History Edit Need to Enter Work History
Certificate Coursework Completed Coursework Edit Need to Enter Coursework
Morals Assessment Completed Morals Assessment Edit Need to Enter Morals Assessment
Submit application for review and make payment    

Upon successful completion of the QPCM Application, receipt of supporting documentation and payment of the Application and Examination fee, your qualifications will be processed and verified.

Verification Process
  1. RN license: We will verify your nursing licensure on a national database, with additional checks for, discipline and practice privileges.

  2. Each supervisor will be emailed a verification form and it is your responsibility to make sure that you have provided the correct information for us to do so.

    Each supervisor / job reference has 3 weeks to respond. Multiple attempts will be made (via phone and email) to contact each supervisor. If we are unable to reach one of your references, you will not be eligible to take the exam.

  3. Coursework verification: Candidates are required to upload confirmation of success completion of one of the pre-approved Certificate / MSN programs in Case Management.

    Click here for the list of appropriate and pre-approved Case Management Educational Programs.

  4. Moral Character is a crucial component of the QPCM qualification process. Candidates who do not meet minimum standards of moral, ethical, law abiding and professional behavior will not qualify to take the QPCM examination.

The Verification/Approval process may take up to 4 weeks. You can check the status of your application by logging into your QPCM account.

The chart on your account page will display the progress of the Verification/Approval process.

  Application Step Edit Data Verification
Personal Information
(includes RN license and state BON)
Completed Personal Information Edit Verified Personal Information
Work History Completed Work History Edit Need to Enter Work History
Certificate Coursework Completed Coursework Edit Verified Coursework
Morals Assessment Completed Morals Assessment Edit Need to Enter Morals Assessment
Verification Status Your application is currently under review   Pending

Examination Process
Once the exam application is verified and approved and the Application/Examination fee is paid, candidates will receive an email notifying the applicant of their approval or denial.

An application may be denied if it is incomplete, illegible, does not meet educational or employment qualifications, if information is misrepresented, or if supporting documentation is not included.

Candidates who are deemed ineligible will be provided an explanation and may reapply after 6 months.

Refund for Denied Exam Application $100.00 USD $100.00 USD will be refunded from the $350.00 USD exam fee if an application does not comply with exam qualifications

Candidates approved to sit for the exam will also receive a confirmation email from Schroeder Measurement Technologies (SMT), including log-in information and how to register for the exam on SMT’s online examination scheduling system.

Approved candidates are responsible for scheduling their exam at their chosen testing location. Exam locations in the US can be found here.

  • Taking the Exam
    Scheduling the examination must be completed at least five (5) days prior to exam date. All SMT computer-based testing (CBT) is conducted through their sister company, Iso-Quality Testing (IQT). You will be redirected to the IQT website.

    Applicants can sit for the exam as long as they have scheduled a time with IQT at least 5 days prior.

  • Accommodations for Candidates with Disabilities and other Special Considerations
    QPCM and SMT, comply with the provisions of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. QPCM utilizes the guidelines put forth in the laws listed above to address similar requests by candidates outside the USA. Any individual, who has a physical or cognitive impairment or limitation that prevents him/her from taking the exam under standard testing conditions, may request special testing arrangements.

    Documentation must be provided by a physician or other appropriate diagnostic authority concerning the disability or special need. Please email or call for more information.

  • Exam Locations
    The exam is held at sites nationwide. Testing sites nearest a candidate can be found at any time at http://www.isoqualitytesting.com/locations.aspx. A testing facility location should not require a candidate to travel extreme distances and/or require hotel or flight accommodations. Please email or call if you cannot locate a testing center near you.

  • Fees Related to the QPCM Certification
QPCM Certification Fees Amount Notes
Application and Registration Fee $350.00 Candidates are eligible to sit for the QPCM exam after application approval.
Refund for Denied Exam Application ($100.00) $100.00 USD will be refunded from the $350.00 USD exam fee if an application does not comply with exam requirements.
Exam Reschedule Fee See Note NOTE: No fee is required if an exam is rescheduled at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled exam date.
Exam Cancellation Fee See Note NOTE: Entire exam fee will be assessed if candidate cancels exam less than four (4) days prior to scheduled exam date.
Exam No Show Fee See Note NOTE: If candidate fails to show for scheduled exam, full exam application and registration fee is FORFEITED.
Exam Retake Fee $75.00 If candidate is unsuccessful on initial exam, discounted exam fee is offered for retakes.
QPCM Renewal Fee $195.00 Active QPCMs are required to recertify every FIVE (5) years from last day of month in which certificant initially passed the QPCM exam. Required documentation (40 pre-approved contact hours and Renewal application) can be submitted up to 3 months prior to the certificant’s anniversary date.
QPCM Renewal with Late Fee $250.00 Certificants who renew within 1 year following their renewal date anniversary may pay an additional late fee to renew their certification.
Failure to Renew Fee $350.00 To reinstate an expired QPCM designation (within 1 year of expiration date), all exam application and registration steps must be completed. No additional testing is required.
  • Refund and Cancellation Policy
    The QPCM Application and Exam fee is non-refundable. Candidates must complete the examination within 90 days of being notified of their eligibility. Non-eligible candidates will receive a refund of $100.00 USD. Candidates may cancel and/or reschedule their exam registration in writing (via mail, fax or e-mail), if notification is received by SMT at least five (5) calendar days prior to the day of the exam. Cancellations made less than five (5) calendar days prior to the exam and no-shows on the day of the exam will result in forfeiture of the entire Application / Exam fee.

  • Day of Examination – Crucial Information
    Prior to the day of the exam, candidates should identify the exact exam location, the best way to get there, how long it takes, and where to park.

    Visitors are not allowed in the test center and childcare is not provided.

    Food and drink is not permitted in the test center.

    All personal items must be left outside of test room.

    Prior to entering the test room, Candidates will be asked to raise their pant legs and pull up sleeves. You will also be asked to empty and turn your pockets inside out prior to every entry into the test room to confirm that you have no prohibited items.

  • What to Bring on Exam Day
    Candidates must have the following items, or they will not be admitted into the test room:
    • The exam receipt/admission ticket from SMT confirming exam location and seating for the exam. The exam receipt indicates the location, date and time of your exam, authorized materials and identification guidelines.

    • One form of valid (unexpired) and acceptable photo identification with an imprint of your name, as well as your signature (i.e. driver’s license, employee ID card or passport).

    NOTE: If candidates fail to bring the required items with them on the scheduled exam day, they will lose their opportunity to take the exam. They will be considered absent and will forfeit the full examination fee.

  • What NOT to Bring on Exam Day
    The following items will not be allowed in the test room:

    • Mobile phones, cell phones, smart phones, electronic equipment or other communication devices that can access the Internet

    • Purse, backpack, fanny pack or any other similar item

    • Notes

    • Notepad or scratch pads

    • Calculators

    • Watches, stop watches or watch alarms

    • Personal data assistants (PDAs)

    • Beepers or pagers

    • Photographic devices

    • Stereos or radios

    • Any other electronic devices

    • Books or pamphlets

    • Dictionaries, translators or thesaurus

    • Pens or any other writing utensils

    • Rulers or any other measuring devices

    • Weapons, or any object that could be used as a weapon (this policy includes off-duty law enforcement officers and persons with conceal and carry permits

  • Examination Start Time
    Report to the exam location promptly at the time indicated on your exam receipt/admission ticket.

    Candidates must be in the examination room when the proctor starts instructions. No one will be permitted to enter the examination room after the proctor instructions have begun. Candidates who report late for the examination will lose their reservation and be considered a no-show. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • Details During the Exam
    • The proctor will access the SMT Computer-based Testing network and launch the examination for you.
    • Candidates will be required to enter a User ID to begin the exam. This is the same User ID used for scheduling the examination appointment.
    • The exam will stop automatically when the allotted time for each exam portion expires.
    • An online examination feedback form will be available for comments or concerns regarding the candidate’s exam day experience. This is the only opportunity a candidate will be given to express these concerns. Comments provided after leaving the testing site cannot be considered in official review of the test questions.

  • Special Concerns During Exam
    Candidates who believe something associated with the examination process impacted their ability to successfully complete the exam should immediately bring their concerns to the attention of the examination proctor on site. Any issue not brought to the attention of the proctor must be reported in writing to the QPCM office within three (3) working days of the exam. Failure to bring an issue to the attention of QPCM within three working days of the exam may result in QPCM declining to take the issue into consideration.

  • Exam Security
    Any candidate who (gives/receives help to/from) interacts with others during the examination will be asked to leave the room. The performance of all candidates is monitored and may be analyzed to detect fraud. Any candidate involved in such behavior will forfeit all examination fees and be prohibited from taking the QPCM exam again.

    All examination materials, including all questions and all forms of the examination, are copyrighted and the property of QPCM. Any distribution of these materials through reproduction, or oral or written communication, is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

    You will be continuously monitored by video and/or physical walk-throughs by proctor during your test.

    Repeated or lengthy departures from the test room for unscheduled breaks will be reported by the proctor.

  • Tips for taking Exam
    The following tips may help during the examination (print them out!):
    • Print a map to the exam location and take it with you to the exam.
    • Print Receipt/Admission ticket and take it with you to the exam.
    • Be early to reduce stress before taking the exam.
    • Relax. This will help you be more alert and reduce physical stress.
    • Take time to complete the online tutorial before you begin the actual exam. The tutorial will show you how to navigate the system, and includes instructions for marking questions and using bookmarks.
    • One response per question is permitted. If more than one response is recorded for a question, that question will be scored as having an incorrect response.
    • Find the right work pace. Don’t rush or go too slowly. Find a pace that is comfortable.
    • Follow the directions and work carefully.
    • Read the entire question thoroughly before answering.
    • Skip difficult questions, or mark them for later review and come back to them.
    • If you are not sure of an answer, make an informed guess.
    • Questions incorrectly answered or not responded to are counted as wrong responses.
    • Whether candidate passes is based on the total number of correct responses.

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