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The Certification for Healthcare Professional transitioning into Case Management, Utilization Review, Discharge Planning and Disease Management

About Us
A nationally recognized certification for ENTRY LEVEL Case Managers

Empowering the Next Generation of Case Managers

About QPCM

North American Council of Qualified Case Managers, Ltd, the parent company of QPCM.org LLC, was incorporated in 2011 for the purpose of developing a nationally recognized certification for entry level case managers (QPCM).

The QPCM certification (Qualified Professional Case Manager) was created so that experienced registered nurses could enter the field of case management in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for case management professionals in the healthcare industry.

Because this certification is based on case management knowledge rather than case management experience, QPCM is the ideal path for Registered Nurses (RNs) who wish to transition their careers from clinical nursing into case management.

QPCM certificants are required to have:
  • a strong clinical background in nursing with an unrestricted RN License,
  • completed a certificate or Masters level program in case management, and
  • successfully passed the rigorous QPCM certification exam.
QPCM removes the obstacle that has kept many qualified candidates from entering the field of case management -- the difficulty of finding a case management job without experience and the challenge of getting experience without having worked as a case manager.

The QPCM entry level case management certification fulfills two crucial needs in matching candidates with jobs:
  1. It provides clinical RNs, who are applying for an entry-level case management position, with a competitive advantage when they present themselves with this valid and reliable professional certification. The QPCM certification demonstrates that they can perform competently in an entry-level case management position.

  2. Employers, recruiters and hiring authorities can easily identify those RNs who are qualified and prepared to work competently as entry-level case managers; candidates with the QPCM certificate offer a timely, economic and resource-efficient hiring option.

Goals of QPCM
The goals of the QPCM certification are:
  • To act as a reliable and valid method to educate and empower the next generation of case managers
  • To establish a means for RNs to make a smooth transition from clinical RN to entry-level case manager
  • To be a nationally recognized certification that acts as a cost–efficient mechanism for evaluation of all entry-level case management job applicants

The Four Crucial Steps to Becoming a QPCM Certified Case Manager
The goals of the QPCM certification are:
  1. Complete a minimum of three years (in the past five years) working as a full–time clinical nurse

  2. Complete a recognized certificate program in case management, current programs are:

    • AAACEUS.com
      Certificate of Achievement in Case Management Essentials ( hours)
      Link to School

    • American Sentinel
      RN to MS in Case Management ( hours)
      Link to School

    • Prime Education Inc
      The Essentials of Case Management ( hours)
      Link to School

    • University of California - Riverside
      Professional Certificate in Medical Case Management ( hours)
      Link to School

    • University of California - San Diego
      Case Management Intensive ( hours)
      Link to School

    • University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Nursing
      Professional Case Management for Nurses and Social Workers ( hours)
      Link to School

    • University of Southern Indiana
      Case Management Continuing Education Certificate ( hours)
      Link to School

    • University of Southern Maine
      Certificate Program in Case Management ( hours)
      Link to School

  3. Obtain the QPCM Certification for entry-level case managers

  4. Utilize the career counseling resources available through the QPCM.org website

The QPCM Mission
The mission of the QPCM certification is to qualify and certify RNs who are prepared to work as entry-level case managers.

This certification is designed to establish a path to success for both certificants and potential employers.

The Case for Case Management
Due to the attrition of case managers in the work force, there is a growing demand for qualified case managers (both experienced and entry-level) to fill these vacancies. Simultaneously, there is an abundance of clinical RNs and allied healthcare professionals who wish to make a career change into the burgeoning field of case management. These healthcare professionals require additional training and/or post graduate education to qualify for the entry-level case management positions. Professional certifications, such as QPCM, enable recruiters and hiring authorities to screen their candidate population more efficiently.

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